How to Wear Red Lipstick- Perfect Red Lips Tutorial

How To Wear Red Lipstick- Perfect Red Lips Tutorial Here’s a neat tutorial for you on how to achieve the perfect red lips. learn how to condition, line and fill your lips for the perfect lips! Things I used: MAC Lip Conditioner Red Enriched Lip Liner Classic Dame Mattine Lipstick Pure Vanity Lipglass Studio Finish Concealer NC15 The lipstick and gloss I used were […] Continue reading →

How to Teach Good Habits to Your Kids

Teaching good habits to kids If you don’t already know it by now, bad habits in children can be hard to break. For this reason, you want to focus on teaching your kids good habits such as washing hands before meals and not picking their nose in public as early as you possibly can. As a parent, it is up […] Continue reading →

Five Used Car and Van Pitfalls to Avoid

Vans for sale Think you’ve found the perfect used car or used vans for sale at a knockdown price? Then it’s probably too good to be true. Here are five things to look out for when you are next buying. 1. Mileage Clocking The practice of ‘clocking’ is winding back the odometer reading to make the car or van […] Continue reading →

How to Transfer Contacts to Your Android Smartphone

android-contacts Getting a new Android smartphone is always exciting, yet can be challenging; at first, we struggle to get to grips with our handsets – literally. We don’t know how to hold them properly, we can’t type texts as quickly, and we navigate haltingly through widgets, complaining about the interface, lamenting the tired, faithful old phone we moments ago javelined […] Continue reading →

How to Use Voice Controls on the Nokia Lumia

WindowsPhoneMangoSpeechUI One of the most talked about phone features at the moment is Siri, the voice control assistant on the iPhone 4S. This has its problems – location based services do not work particularly well outside of the United States and it can have difficulty understand some stronger accents (particularly Australian and Scottish). But even so, […] Continue reading →

How to Lay Garden Turf in Winter

rolls-of-turf-on-a-lawn Winter is surprisingly one of the best times of the year to lay garden turf. Many people assume that it should be spring or summer but actually when it’s wetter, it is far easier to encourage your garden turf to settle. And by the time it comes round to spring and you want to spend […] Continue reading →

How to Become Skilled at Confrontations

1321909887_Boxing_Gloves Not many people enjoy confrontations.  Most of us avoid them by any means necessary! Why is this?  Probably because most of the time, we really just want to get along with people.  We eschew the idea of making people upset or uncomfortable.  Even more intensely, we hate the thought of losing our own cool.  Yet, ironically, being […] Continue reading →

A Guide on Learning How to Sing

Learn to sing Many people believe that learning to sing is a natural gift, and you either have the skill or you don’t. However, that is largely untrue. It is possible to learn to sing, and to improve on your natural abilities with practice. Just as in learning any other skill or talent, you can learn how to […] Continue reading →

Guide to the Anatomy of a Snowboard

Picture by bobaliciouslondon As a beginner snowboarder there is a great deal to consider when thinking about buying your first snowboard. Now much more than a simple piece of wood, the snowboard has developed into a highly engineered piece of equipment with distinct aspects that can affect its performance and suitability. This guide will go through the basic […] Continue reading →
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